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If you've been to Adobe Labs lately or keep up with the blogosphere you've probably heard the buzz about Spry. It's a new AJAX framework from Adobe. It lets designers build rich Internet applications with little or no programming. The Adobe-Macromedia combine has been pushing RIAs for years and its vision is just now moving into the mainstream. Adobe had three goals when creating Spry: open access, easy use, and enable innovation. Open Access Propriety tags or server-side code weren't used in the Spry framework, instead the capabilities of existing HTML tags were enhanced. Spry has been released under a BSD license and it's freely available on the Adobe Labs site. Easy-To-Use Spry was created with designers in mind. It uses regular HTML tags, CSS, and JavaScript. Very little coding is required, although its capabilities can certainly be enhanced with coding. The syn... (more)

CFUNITED is still Fun

The crowded auditorium was abuzz with anticipation. The snatches of conversation from around you were meaningless jargon to those not in the know. A hush fell over the crowd as the moment they were waiting for arrived - Ben Forta walking on stage. Okay, he's not rock star, but the closest thing to it in the ColdFusion community. If you didn't attend the CFUNITED ( conference this year (formerly known as CFUN), you should go ahead and put it on your schedule for next year now. CFUNITED has grown from a weekend event with 40 sessions to the premier ColdFusion conf... (more)

Creating a Custom XML Editor in ColdFusion

It's almost impossible to pick up a trade magazine these days and not find a reference to XML. It's an important enabling technology for the sophisticated Web applications of the future. This article will cut through some of the hype to explain what XML can be used for and, equally important, how it can work effectively with ColdFusion. To illustrate how these two technologies can be used in conjunction, I'll create a simple ColdFusion application allowing a user to edit the content of an XML file. XML 101 For those of you not familiar with XML I'll introduce some of the basic ... (more)

E-Commerce with Verisign's Payflow Link

E-commerce, for most people, means purchasing an item on the Web. This multistep process involves product selection, payment, and product delivery. This article focuses on the payment process. What Is Payflow Link? Payflow Link is a credit card processing system. It integrates with your Web site, allowing customers to make purchases using credit cards. As there are other systems available that do the same thing, why would you want to use Payflow Link? For starters Payflow Link is a low-end system. It's recommended for 1,000 transactions or fewer per month. That being said, it's al... (more)

Harnessing The Power Of HTML E-Mails

Increase the impact of your e-mail advertising efforts E-mail messages are one of the premier advertising techniques of the Internet era. However, plain text e-mails are no longer sufficient. Today, HTML messages make your advertisements stand out. A well-designed HTML message or newsletter can give your organization a professional edge, and increase response rates from your advertisements. Of course, HTML e-mail messages aren't some sort of silver bullet capable of solving all your advertising woes in one fell swoop. We've probably all seen ineffective HTML messages, the ones wit... (more)